Single Compartment Acid Transport FRP Tank

Our custom FRP tank is pound for pound stronger than steel and can be used for various industrial applications, requiring less maintenance and longer durability.

DOT – SP 14275

  • 1 Compartment (650 sq.ft.)
  • 5,400 Gallon Capacity
  • 58” Diameter
  • FRP tank that meets dot 412-407 specifications
  • MAWP: 35 psi, Tested to 53.5 psi
  • 20” Quick Opening FRP Manway with 316SS hardware,Viton Gasket FRP Rollover and spillwell at each manway with drain
  • FRP Rollover and spillwell at each manway with drain
  • The tank is equipped with all required vents and emergency shut-off valve(s)
  • Standard 5th Wheel configuration with landing gear
  • Dual Axles rated for 25,000 pounds equipped with pneumatic brakes and suspension
  • Steel hub pilot wheels and Low-Profile 275/7OR22.5 Tires
  • All required Safety Placards
  • All tail lights, turn signals, and side marker lights (LED) FRP Fenders with mud flaps
  • Catwalk and access ladder (mounted on customer specified side)
  • Toolbox mounted on driver’s side
  • FRP Hose Trough (mounted on customer specified side)

All piping and butterfly valves are of Schedule 80 CPVC, UHMW Polyethylene pipe, or FRP-lined steel construction.

All steel is fully sandblasted. The entire exterior is painted with epoxy primer, polyurethane topcoat, and a clear coat finish. Colors to customer specifications.

  • Polished Aluminum Wheels
  • Disk Brakes
  • Catwalk and Ladder constructed of stainless steel
  • Super Single Wheels/Tires
  • Additional Hose Trough can be added
  • Chemical Transfer Pump with Piping
  • See Level Gauge