Piping Repair and Replacement

Hawk has available all of the necessary parts to completely repair or replace all of the piping on an FRP or FRP-lined steel trailer.

Media Blast and Paint

Hawk FRP utilizes a state-of-the-art media blasting and wet paint facility. Every unit gets primer, epoxy top coat, and a clear finish layer. Two tone paint schemes are available.

Complete Weld Solutions

Hawk FRP offers a wide range of welding services and repairs.

Proprietary Removal and Relining Process

We offer a proprietary relining process that completely strips the interior of the tank and then relines the interior. The new lining is brought out through each manhole and fitting to provide a completely sealed unit. The finished product looks brand new and extends the life of aging tanks.

Spot Tank Repair

In the process of relining steel tanks, we, from to time, encounter one that requires a small section of the tank to be patched prior to relining. These types of issues are not all repairable and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Spot Tank Repair

Inspection, Certification and Re-Certifications

Hawk FRP offers the service of inspecting, certifying and and re-certifying FRP tank trailers regardless of who originally manufactured the unit.

Inspection, Certification and Re-Certifications